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Plantar Fasciitis

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If you struggle to walk or exercise because of chronic heel pain, you may have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. The experienced doctors at Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. offer comprehensive care for plantar fasciitis pain at their offices in Middlesex, Woodbridge, East Brunswick, South Plainfield, and Hillsborough, New Jersey. The team, led by Pragnesh Patel, DPM, and Jyotsna Thapar, DPM, specializes in uncovering the root cause of your persistent foot pain and provides both customized treatments and recommendations to protect your foot health. Schedule a plantar fasciitis evaluation online or by calling the office nearest you.

Plantar Fasciitis

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What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that develops when the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, becomes torn and inflamed.

The plantar fascia acts like a shock absorber, protecting the arch of your foot. Too much stress on this tissue leads to small tears, inflammation, and chronic stabbing pain in your heel. This persistent pain can become severe enough to interfere with walking and other physical activity.

While anyone can develop plantar fasciitis, the condition is common in athletes, especially runners, and you may be more prone to developing plantar fasciitis pain as you get older or if you’re overweight.

How is plantar fasciitis diagnosed?

Several conditions can trigger chronic heel pain, and the Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. team is skilled in diagnosing the root cause of your pain and then designing a custom treatment plan.

You may need an imaging test, like an X-ray, to rule out fractures or bone spurs in the heel that could be the source of your pain. Your provider also reviews your medical history and discusses your usual activities to confirm plantar fasciitis as the source of your pain.

The skilled podiatry team also works to understand what led to the damage in your plantar fascia and provides resources to help you prevent additional damage in the future.

How is plantar fasciitis treated?

Initially, you may find relief from the chronic heel pain of plantar fasciitis by taking over-the-counter medications and doing physical therapy exercises. Your podiatrist can also recommend orthotics, which are custom-fitted supports that fit inside your shoes to support your arches and relieve pressure on your heels.

Rarely is surgery necessary to treat plantar fasciitis. However, the Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. medical team can recommend a surgical procedure if conservative treatments aren’t able to relieve your pain or improve your mobility.

If chronic heel pain is interfering with your quality of life, don’t delay getting an evaluation for plantar fasciitis. You can book an appointment at the Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. office nearest you or by using the online booking feature.