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Attending to Your Flat Feet

Gone are the days when gas station attendants run out to fill up your tank, check your oil, and wash your car windows for you, but attending to your car in this way used to be a normal part of the “service” at a service station. You can do your flat feet a great service by attending to them, too, especially if they are starting to cause pain or limit your activity. Whether you’ve always had low arches, or they have developed as your tendons and muscles have weakened, flatfoot treatment is necessary to stop the discomfort.

This can take several forms, and often starts with a little shopping. We don’t mean the type of shopping the people view as therapy for just about anything that ails them, but specifically going to buy a better pair of shoes. When feet go flat and overpronate (lean too far inward with your steps), a well-built pair of supportive shoes can make all the difference. Once your arch is properly supported, your foot and heel pain may disappear, and you won’t even need to see a podiatrist for further care.

If this does not solve the issue, rest, icing, and stretching may help. Flatfoot pain is often associated with stress on the plantar fascia or Achilles tendon, both of which can be damaged by overuse or excessive tension from tight calf muscles. Resting from sports activities allows these tissues time to heal, and icing helps relieve swelling and pain. Then, developing a good regimen for stretching your muscles and tendons and keeping them limber can do a lot to keep the pain from coming back again.

Still having issues after trying these remedies? It’s time to come in for an evaluation. We can look at your gait and biomechanical issues and see whether custom orthotics might benefit you. These inserts that fit right inside your shoes give support where it is needed to help align your foot better and stop the abnormal movements that are causing your feet to hurt.

We have other treatment options for flatfoot pain as well, including medications, physical therapy, and platelet-rich plasma injections. Let us find the answer to your discomfort. Dial 908-222-8980 to set up your appointment at Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey, or request your visit online. Our office is conveniently located on Oak Tree Ave between Edison and South Plainfield, NJ, and we are ready to attend to your feet!

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