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Stretches for Feet You Can Do Just About Anywhere

Moving is healthy. Moving is important! And yet many of us seem to have days where we are chained to a desk or confined to a relatively small area.

It can sometimes feel quite difficult to carve out the time to move a bit during a busy day, but it’s something our bodies benefit greatly from. Reducing sitting can help increase metabolism, regulate blood sugar, and break down body fat.

When it comes to your feet, moving is a very important factor in maintaining healthy circulation, reducing the risks of diabetes, increasing flexibility, and keeping muscles and bones strong.

Of course, not everybody is going to be able to take a short jog every few hours at work, but there are still plenty of good, quick stretches for the feet that can be performed during the day.

A few of the stretches we’ll go into here might require some space, but others only need a wall or step! Still more moves can be performed seated right where you are (your co-workers might not even know you’re doing them!). You will usually have to take your shoes off, and we still recommend taking a few minutes to stand up and walk about afterward, too.

Taking a few minutes out of every hour to stretch and move can make a significant difference to your foot comfort and health—and likely your mood toward the end of the day as well!

The 3-Phase Toe Raise

This stretch is performed from a seated position with shoes off.

Toe Splay

This is another seated, barefoot exercise that can be completed at your desk. Like the above exercise, you can focus on each foot individually, or move both at once.

This exercise is simple, yet good for improving range and muscle control. If you want to add some challenge after a while, stretch a rubber band over the toes before you begin.

Underfoot Roll

You will need a golf ball, tennis ball, or sturdy plastic bottle for this one, but it’s well worth it!

Achilles Stair Stretch

Any simple stair (or even a curb) will do the trick for this stretch. Just make sure you aren’t in a high-traffic area when you begin.

Achilles Wall Stretch

Yes, you will need a wall for support. If you happen to be outside at the time, a large tree will also do.

Heel Raise

It’s important to have support for this one. A heavy chair (not a wheeled one!) or a counter (like in your kitchen or break room, hopefully), will suffice.

Get the Most Out of Your Day!

Keeping your feet, ankles, and Achilles limber is always a great idea. If you suffer from certain problems such as heel pain or bunions, however, some moves are going to be even more beneficial to you than others.

We can help you determine the best uses of your stretching time and help you find other methods of relief as well. Simply give us a call at any of our three area offices:

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