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Super Sleuth Your Arch Type

When your kids are bored and you don’t want them to have any more screen time, try some detective games. “I Spy” is fun with little ones, who try to guess something you can see. For older kids, “Mafia and Detectives” or “Diffuse the Bomb” are great games for a group. It may not be quite as much fun, but you can discover your arch type with a little super sleuthing of your own. Your prize is knowing better how your foot functions and ways to handle your pain with footwear and proper foot care.

Your first game is “Shoe Clues.” Examine a pair of shoes that you wear often or use for running. Check the soles for uneven wear, which could be on either the inner or outer edges, based on whether your feet tilt toward the inside or outside as you walk and run. If wear is even, your arch is likely neutral. Each arch shape has different requirements in foot wear for stability and cushioning.

Follow that up with “Footprint Tracker.” This involves wetting your foot and using your whole weight to leave a footprint on a piece of brown paper or dry cement walkway. Your heel and ball of your foot will always show, but the clue is how much of a footprint you leave in the area between them. No connection usually indicates a rigid, high arch which can benefit from extra cushioning in your shoes. An almost solid footprint means you likely have low arches or flat feet and overpronation problems that require extra support. A partial connection between the two will probably indicate neutral arches. These are easiest to fit with footwear of normal support and cushioning.

The last game is “Find the Super Sleuth.” Even if you have some idea of your arch type, you may need help knowing how to deal with it. A podiatrist can really help you discover clues to feet that hurt less and perform better. With custom orthotics, we can design the support you need into an insole that slips right into your shoes. These are custom fabricated to fit your feet and help correct imbalances and cushion vulnerable spots.

How do you find such a podiatrist? No mystery there! Just call Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey and we’ll help you solve foot pain issues related to your arch type or not. Our office is conveniently located between Edison and South Plainfield, NJ and can be reached by phone at 908-222-8980 or through the contact tab on our website.

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