Why Neuropathy Should Not Be Ignored

You know that little hole in your sweater where you snagged it on a nail in the garage? You shouldn’t ignore it, because the yarn is starting to unravel and soon it will be a big hole and the sweater will be ruined. Small problems in your feet can grow into serious issues too. That’s why it is never wise to ignore symptoms like pain, tingling and numbness that could signal peripheral neuropathy.

Nerve damage in your feet can have a number of causes, which can be difficult to pinpoint. We can help you discover the underlying cause of the damage, so you can do your best to stop it from getting worse, and maybe even help your nerves regenerate.

The most common reason for neuropathy is an injury of some sort, either an acute injury or the result of repetitive trauma that causes compression of the nerves. This often happens at the base of your middle toes (neuroma), in the forefoot (metatarsalgia), or in the area at the inside of your ankle (tarsal tunnel syndrome).

Another common culprit is uncontrolled sugar levels in people with diabetes, but diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, endocrine disorders, poor circulation, cancers, and infections can be culprits, too. Many believe the problem is related to nutritional deficiencies, as well.

You may have no idea why you have tingling, numbness, or stabbing pain in your feet and ankles until we do a medical history, examination, and nerve testing, and even then some causes are just never identified. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t treat the symptoms.

Neuropathy treatment can include pain relievers, medications to address underlying diseases, nutritional therapy, gentle electrical stimulation, and even relaxation and meditation therapy. There are many avenues we can try, so don’t give up—we should be able to find a regimen that will help you manage your nerve pain.

If you ignore early warning signs, your nerve damage will just continue to get worse. Instead, call Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey at (908) 222-8980 for an appointment at our South Plainfield office. Those in the surrounding Edison, Woodbridge, Brunswick, and Newark, NJ communities are welcome to contact us online to schedule if you prefer.

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