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Can I exercise with diabetes?


Not only can you exercise with diabetes—you should. That statement comes with a caveat, though: make sure you choose the right type of exercise. 

Diabetes complications often include poor circulation, so any exercise that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing is beneficial. However, diabetes can also lead to problems like ulcers on your feet, so you may not be able to walk or run to get your cardio workout. Not to worry—there are many other ways to accomplish your goal. Biking, swimming, yoga—even an upper-body workout you can do sitting down can get your heart rate up and deepen your breathing.

Whatever exercise you are cleared to perform, remember to start slowly and make gradual adjustments in the length and intensity of your workouts. Your body needs time to adjust to each new level of stress you are putting on it.

If you need help creating a wise workout plan, or require treatment for a foot issue related to your diabetes, call Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey at 908-222-8980. Our location between South Plainfield and Edison, NJ is conveniently located to serve patients from the wider Woodbridge, Brunswick, and Newark area.

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