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Is it safe to remove corns and calluses on my own?


When following the proper procedure, removing corns and calluses on your own can be performed safely—but this certainly doesn’t apply to everyone. If you have diabetes (or any other condition that causes poor circulation), do not attempt to do this without the assistance of a medical professional. Removing corns and calluses could potentially lead to a significantly bigger issue.

If you are otherwise healthy, you may want to try removing a corn or callus on your own before coming in to see us. The first thing to know about doing this is that you should not use any off-the-shelf corn removal product, since they often use salicylic acid and can damage healthy skin tissue. Instead, you should follow a procedure of soaking the affected area and then gently using a pumice stone to debride the corn or callus. Our office can provide instructions on how to do this in a safe manner.

Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey provides comprehensive foot care services, including corn and callus removal. No matter if you are diabetic or would simply like a medical professional to perform the procedure for you, we can help! Call our South Plainfield, NJ office at (908) 222-8980 for more information.

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