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What are the signs of peripheral arterial disease?


Peripheral arterial disease is a serious problem that can have a dramatic impact on your lower limbs, so recognizing its signs and symptoms can help you get the problem treated. One of the most common signs is trouble with cramping in your lower limbs. The cramping pain increases while you’re active, but tends to disappear when you give your legs and feet time to rest. Over time, the cramps may get worse, and you might notice issues with muscle weakness and numbness as well. Affected feet may feel colder than normal, while areas of skin may appear discolored. In more advanced cases, you may lose hair on your legs and be more prone to slow-healing ulcers.

For many people, symptoms that are fairly mild may be easy to miss. This is why it’s important to pay attention to what your feet are telling you and get your lower limbs checked regularly. Our team at Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. is here to help you diagnose and manage conditions like peripheral arterial disease in your lower limbs. Call our office in South Plainfield, NJ at (908) 222-8980 for more information or to schedule an appointment to care for your feet today.

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