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What can I expect from my first podiatry visit?


Your first podiatry visit to Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey is sort of like a first date—but hopefully not so stressful! It’s when we learn about each other and what each expects from this relationship. We strive to be good listeners and make you comfortable providing the exact information we need to best diagnose and treat your feet. Check out new patient page to find out what to bring with you to the appointment.

After discussing your foot problem, we will physically examine your foot and may order other tests to pinpoint your difficulty. We may also examine the wear on any shoes you bring along for clues.

Whether your first podiatry visit is to deal with an urgent sports injury or treat your fungal nails, you can plan on the following at Ankle and Foot Specialist of N.J.:

  • We’ll gather information about you—name, address, insurance coverage, etc.—by having you fill out some forms.
  • We’ll find out why you are here: What symptoms do you have? How bad is the pain and what causes it? When did you first notice the problem? We’ll encourage you to ask questions, too.
  • We’ll examine you and order any necessary tests to diagnose your problem.
  • We’ll explain what’s wrong and your treatment options, and help you decide.
  • We’ll do all this with a caring, respectful attitude that makes your needs our top priority.

From the moment you walk in our door, we want you to feel relaxed and confident about your care. We believe that the doctor-patient relationship is one based on trust, confidentiality, and the ability to discuss problems frankly. We aim to serve your foot care needs professionally and with the highest quality. Please call our South Plainfield / Edison, NJ office at (908) 222-8980 and let us care for your feet.

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