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What should I bring with me to a podiatrist appointment?


There are several things you should bring to a podiatrist appointment. If it’s your first visit, you should check the website for downloadable new patient forms to fill out and bring with you. This helps save time during your appointment check-in. You should bring along your insurance cards and a photo ID as well, to help with any insurance billing. It’s also a good idea to write down your foot pain symptoms and any questions you may have for your doctor to make sure all your concerns are addressed during your appointment.

Make sure you wear or bring along shoes that you wear frequently, any orthotics you use, and—if applicable—your athletic shoes. This allows specialists like our team at Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. to evaluate the wear and tear on your footwear. If you’re coming to an appointment at our South Plainfield, NJ, office and there’s anything you’re unsure about bringing along, use our online contact forms or call (908) 222-8980 to ask us questions. We look forward to helping you live with healthier feet!

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