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What types of conditions can orthotics help?


Orthotics are touted by some people as the answer for everything from foot pain to increasing your performance in sports, but we find that the conditions orthotics help the most are the following: 

  • Diabetic feet. Specially cushioned inserts or custom built shoes that take pressure off a hot spot on your foot can keep it from turning into an ulcer and risking other serious complications.
  • This disease attacks your joints and can cause deterioration and pain. Proper support can keep the joints in better position and reduce friction on the bones.
  • Plantar fasciitis. Using a custom designed support to improve your biomechanics can relieve heel pain from this condition caused by stress and damage to the ligament that connects heel to toes.
  • Pain from poor alignment of the bones and joints in your forefoot can often be helped by special inserts that relive pressure in the area.

Rely less on the hype and more on the training and experience of a podiatrist like Dr. Jyotsna Thapar to find out if custom supports would be beneficial for you. Call Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey at (908) 222-8980 and set up your appointment at our office in South Plainfield, NJ near the border with Edison.

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