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Why do I have heel pain in the morning?


There are a couple of reasons your heel hurts in the morning, each with its particular symptoms. The most common is plantar fasciitis. Heel pain from this is caused when the plantar fascia (a ligament under your foot that connects toes and heel and supports your arch) is pulled too tightly where it attaches to the heel bone. The pain is sharp and stabbing and occurs underneath the calcaneus toward the front. Tight calf muscles, excessive roll of the foot when you walk, and flat feet can all contribute to this problem. It is sometimes relieved by stretching the calf muscles, and custom orthotics can also help support the arch and lessen the tension.

If the pain occurs behind your heel toward the top of the bone, it might be Achilles tendinitis. This aching pain is a similar problem that happens when a tight Achilles and calf muscles cause tension where the tendon attaches to the calcaneus. It is often the result of overuse when running or playing sports, or from a sudden increase in activity that your body isn’t prepared for. It too can be relieved with stretches and heel pads.

To find out if one of these conditions is causing your pain issues, call Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey for an examination. Our office in South Plainfield, NJ can be reached at 908-222-8980.

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