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Why is my wound not healing?


An open sore that doesn’t improve in a month is described as a non-healing wound. If a surgical incision, diabetic ulcer, or pressure sore won’t heal, the obvious danger is clear—increased risk of infection and other possible complications including tissue death (gangrene) or amputation. What may not be so clear is why wounds don’t heal. 

There can be many reasons. It is possible that your genetic makeup makes you naturally slower to heal. Poor circulation can mean your cells are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients to rebuild quickly. Nerve problems can let a problem go unnoticed as it gradually worsens. With swelling in your legs, excess fluid can actually “weep” from your skin, causing itchy and painful sores. Those confined to beds or wheel chairs may form pressure ulcers at places where blood flow is cut off.

Feet, heels, and ankles are prime spots for non-healing wounds—especially in people with diabetes. If you notice any open sore that doesn’t seem to get better, let Dr. Jyotsna Thapar take a look at it. Early treatment can head off complications before they threaten your limb—or your life. Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey is conveniently located between Edison and South Plainfield, NJ and can be reached at (908) 222-8980.

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